Rectangular Waveguide Feed with Septum Polarizer

Septum feed only = $350.00 Scalar Brackets = $60.00 Mounting System = $155




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This feed is fabricated from 6" x 6" x 24" aluminum extruded square tubing with 1/8" wall


TX port Return Loss = > 30dB (1.08:1 VSWR)

RX port Return Loss = > 21dB (1.2:1 VSWR)

Isolation TX from RX = > 30dB

Weight                       =   9 pounds

Very sturdy construction, designed for rear mounting with four 1/4-20 tapped holes for mounting

Septum polarizer provides excellent circularity with no tedious tuning adjustments required

Connectors:  Typically N-type on TX port, and SMA on RX port.  RX can be N-type if desired

Pricing:You might ask how I priced the feed.First for starters, the materials cost over $100.The

construction requires precisely drilling 52 holes.34 of these holes are tapped.Drilling

and tapping edgewise into 1/4" 6061 aluminum is tricky.Precisely cutting the stair-stepped

septum is excruciating and getting a perfect fit inside the tube can be challenging.Same

goes for the rear plate.So obviously the majority of the expense is labor, but it is much

much less per hour than a typical consulting or fabrication rate.Iím not doing this to make

money, but much more so to encourage 1296 MHz EME operation.The scalar brackets and mounting

system are even more labor intensive, so are actually quite a bargain.


Scalar (choke) ring info:


I have normally recommended the cake pan scalar.The Fat Daddio PRD-183 18" x 3" pan is the

closest dimension to the optimum size based on many studies.The pan has normally been available

on for around $35 but recently has not been in stock.If you want one of these pans,

I may have info on other sources, so send me a note.††


On my system the pan has improved my sun noise reading by about 1.1 dB, so I consider it

worthwhile.I have heard others claiming greater improvement.Many folks are concerned about

feed blockage especially on smaller dishes.The blockage on a 3 meter dish is not significant

compared to the benefit of having a scalar.

More Information:

Pictures of feed with scalar (not included):

Construction Techniques Paper from EME2010:

Additional info on the use of the septum feed:

KL6M Septum Feed Mount††† $155.00


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This mounting system has set screws which allow easy adjustment of focal point using sun noise.

This allows you to adjust for OPTIMUM performance.


I have enough material for four of these.Not sure I will make any more after this.

septum-mount3Mdish.pdf(I have drawings of other sizes on request)

1296 MHz (23cm) is a fantastic band for EME.This is where the majority of EME takes place lately.

This is a screen shot (CW) at my station from a recent DUBUS EME contest:

For more information contact Mike, KL6M at or mike at