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Executive Summary:

Mike Melum, PTT,  and Jim Christiani, AT&T departed Anchorage about 9:00 AM enroute to Talkeetna to visit the Bartlett Earth Station.  We finally arrived at about 1:00PM due to other stops that Jim needed to make in the course of his business.

The site is quite impressive overall, but would rate about a 6.5 on a scale from 1 to 10 for cosmetics and general conditions.  This is an old Comsat installation from the mid 1970's and although AT&T (Alascom) maintained the site in their usual thorough fashion, it is an old site and is showing its age.  It appears almost the same as in the above picture minus the smallest antenna.

In general, it appears that everything works.  The whole place could use a good coat of paint perhaps after a good scraping of the old paint.  Mechanically, electrically, utility wise, all seems to be in order.

There are a number of expenses to keeping this site operating.  Taxes, utilities, mandatory inspections, and general maintenance to name a few.  I will elaborate more on this in the detailed survey information, but the bottom line is that right now it will only be an estimate.  The more accurate figures will be sent to interested parties at a later date.

AT&T intends to conduct their usual procedures in advertizing the availability of this site.  They have a list of about 20 interested parties who receive this information.  RAI will be added to this list.  Right now, it appears that there are at least three organizations  interested, including RAI, and all three of these are interested in acquiring the use of the site without outright purchase, e.g., donation to a non-profit organization.  Another one of the organizations is the University of Alaska.


The following links contain all pictures taken during the trip, other than those that did not turn out.

GENERAL           Structures, mechanical, outside area, etc.

ANTENNAS        Pictures of the 15 meter  and 30 meter antenna

ELECTRONICS   Pictures of the operating console, and other electronic equipment

FEED                     Not real good pictures due to bad lighting, but shows the feed room and various items

Detailed information will follow later during the week of June 11.