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Contact us:  sales@ptt-ak.com        

  • Aviation Systems Engineering
  • RF and Microwave Application Design
  • Prototype design and fabrication
  • Systems Engineering
  • Radio Frequency Interference Resolution
  • Space-based Communications
  • Radio Astronomy Applications
  • Microcontroller Applications Design
  • Surplus Equipment Sales and Repair




Low Noise Amplifiers, High Power Switch / LNA Assemblies, 23cm Septum Feeds, Filters, Custom Designs, and more......


Companies I am currently involved with...........


This was a dream of mine, to convert a huge Earth Station into a Radio Astronomy Institute (Dream over---- Destroyed )


My amateur radio Earth-Moon-Earth Communications Adventure

Professional Telecom Technology
7231 Northpark Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99516

Attn: Mike Melum (907)-227-2483